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Wilkes-Barre Pallets, a budget-friendly pallet industry, offers more than just pallets. We ensure that your products are treated with the utmost care by consistently providing high-quality pallets and pallet access services in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Quality assurance and inspection are carried out at all production stages, from selection to distribution and until the final products are shipped.

With the economy reopening after the lifting of Covid-induced restrictions, pallets remain in high demand for logistics and product solutions, transporting goods from factories and manufacturing sites. We strive to provide quality products that protect the loaded equipment from any risk of damage at incredibly affordable rates. We keep a close eye on production processes and simultaneously improve pallet transportation to warehouses at attractive discounts for our valued clients.

We possess extensive knowledge of government policies and trade association regulations, and are known for our unparalleled expertise and great services. Wilkes-Barre Pallets, formerly known as Berks Pallets, is part of Pallet Junction.

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With years of experience, Wilkes-Barre Pallets is dedicated to improving and expanding our service network by growing our customer base. Our high-quality solutions offer pallets at a reasonable price, with no extra cost, while always being reliable and building lasting relationships over time.

Variety of Uses

Wilkes-Barre Pallets uses high-quality materials to ensure that items are easier to transport. Our recycled pallets are stronger than shipping containers, so you can stack or store heavier items without worry of damage. Their stability and durability make them ideal for commercial and industrial use, for everything from storage to transportation. Trust in our durable and shock-resistant pallets for stacking, storing, protecting, and moving.

Quality Control & Durability

At Wilkes-Barre Pallets, we believe in quality that leads to longevity. It's a valuable asset that we earn in the form of trust. Our reusable pallets are incredibly durable and can be used repeatedly. They are able to withstand weather conditions like rain and water for longer periods of time due to the quality of the materials used. Because of their durable properties, they are often shipped back and forth between manufacturers and buyers multiple times. We make this possible by implementing strict quality control measures.

New Options

At Wilkes-Barre Pallets, we don't just repair pallets. We design and create pallets specifically for your products' safety, taking into consideration size, shape, and weight. We adapt ourselves and our products to fulfill your immediate needs based on your requirements. Our extensive knowledge, expertise, and resources aid us in providing our customers with high-quality, accessible wooden pallets and packaging that are tailored to meet their needs.

Used Pallets

At Wilkes-Barre Pallets, our used pallets are rated based on their condition after a thorough examination. The cost of used pallets is less compared to that of new ones. There is no doubt about their durability, so you can confidently save money and transport over longer distances without fear.

Recycled Pallets

Due to ecological safety and cost-efficiency, recycled pallets are widely used. Wilkes-Barre Pallets offers a wide variety of recycled pallets and design options. Recycled pallets are a perfect choice for environmentally-conscious business practices and those looking to find new cost-saving methods. Our pallet products are exceptional to fit a wide range of commercial products.

We stand behind our pallets!

We serve all areas of Wilkes-Barre for supply, distribution, and storage with exceptional wooden packaging pallets. Wilkes-Barre Pallets is a new pallet provider with the capability to fulfill custom orders to meet your specific needs with specific dimensions and weight limitations.

Our pallets are made with excellence!

Wilkes-Barre Pallets is supported by a vibrant and efficient team who possess a wealth of experience, skill, and expertise accumulated from manufacturing countless wooden pallets over the years. The enthusiasm and unity of our team forms the foundation for expanding our contact integrity.

We strive to always satisfy!

Wilkes-Barre Pallets is supported by a dedicated and efficient team who have a wealth of experience, skill and expertise accumulated from manufacturing countless wooden pallets over the years. The passion and unity of our team forms the foundation for expanding our contact integrity.

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Our main service is to provide appropriate pallets based on designs, cargo characteristics, storage capacity, and transportation needs. We help you in making the best use of and protecting deliveries or transportation, ensuring they arrive at their designated destination without costing you a fortune. We design pallets that are customized to the specifications of the customer.